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According to the Merck Veterinary Manual , common signs of marijuana toxicosis that owners may notice include inactivity; incoordination; dilated pupils; increased sensitivity to motion, sound or touch; hypersalivation; and urinary incontinence. A veterinary exam can reveal depression of the central nervous system and an abnormally slow heart rate. Less common signs include restlessness, aggression, slow breathing, low blood pressure, an abnormally fast heart rate, and rapid, involuntary eye movements. In rare cases, animals can have seizures or become comatose. Additionally, very little is known regarding the long-term health effects of chronic exposure to these products, or about their use in conjunction with other medications.

Last, many CBD oils have claims of even higher purity than hemp. Similarly, though, these products are not regulated and therefore may still exhibit variability in chemical makeup. This means that doctors of humans and animals remain somewhat skeptical about the potential benefits to their patients. For marijuana itself, my answer to my daughter was blunt.

Pets and Anesthesia

It is simply ignorance, or an abusive behavior that spawns from negligence. Pets are not people. Many prescription and over the counter drugs as well as foods that are safe for humans are not safe for pets. It is difficult to watch our pets suffer through anxiety or pain from ailments such as cancer.

However, although these products have been touted for their therapeutic potential, none of them have gone through the rigor of an FDA approval. There is something to be said about the doctor-patient relationship in treating the whole patient — this goes for pets and their veterinarians as well. When we choose to use supplements, this needs to be disclosed to a licensed professional so as to allow for conversations about risks and continued health monitoring. It is not wise to bypass our trained professionals for the ill-trained Dr. As I continue to see more of these products show up in veterinary diagnostic samples, our interpretations will continually be guided by future scientific studies and case-based outcomes.

Leigh Davidson immediately got in contact with me whilst at work. It was convenient easy and very personable.

I was able to give the complete story and she was able to give advice. I went home and followed the recommendation and Toby started feeling better. I was also able to give an update and got a quick response. I would definitely recommend Your Vet Online to others. Josh Alfafara. I had a problem with my horse and used Your Vet Online. We did a video consult, the vet was able to talk me through some assessments and could see exactly what was going on. I also received a report which was sent to a third party. This was such great value I highly recommend. Gaylene Goodsell.

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So the lambs need to be vaccinated thanks to the advice from Your Vet Online, I call up the local clinic to book them in. Not even sure how to spell that one but I think I got it right! Thanks Your Vet Online for the advice. Our lambs are now fully protected! Thank you so much it was great being able to talk to you whilst our vet was in the way!

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After a night at vets he is back home. You made me feel so much better and kept me calm. Thank you again!

Suzanne Clarke. I would like to thank Your Vet Online for the helpful advice provided to me in respect of my gorgeous horse Rosemount Prince who was suffering from an acute case of lice. I had been treating it topically but it was the advice re the appropriate internal drench which has helped him turn the corner.

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Many thanks again. Needed help with puppy problems and I had a very fast response and helped with my issue. Would recommend! My usually content Charlie started to lose clumps of fur, he was grumpy and getting thin.

I asked Dr Leigh for advice, she asked lots of questions and looked at a photo, being an online interaction was no drawback. She gave me great advice and I feel very confident that I am doing the best for my four-legged friend. Thanks so much Dr Leigh.

Take your best friend on a well-deserved vacation with these handy tips.

Thought you would like this update photo of Rosemount Prince who was suffering from a severe lice infection. Your advice was instrumental in him turning the corner! Thank you for your advice and moral support as we nursed Rosemount Prince back to health from a dreadful Lice infestation and probable virus. Quality care for your best friend. Welcome to Malaherd Veterinary Hospital. What We Do Main Services. Comprehensive Physical Exams. Your pet should receive regular physical exams in order to ensure he or she is in good health. Preventative Health Services.

Ask the animals : a vet's-eye view of pets and the people they love, Bruce R. Coston

Taking preventative health measures can significantly extend the life of your kiddo. We will help to determine the most healthy, optimal diet for your pet. View All services. Meet Us Our Hospital Team. Liz Ortiz Head Technician. Learn more. Janine Cole, D.

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