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Continuity of urban open spaces is a key factor for maintaining a sustainable ecosystem. There is a growing need by planners and designers for tools to assess and maintain connectivity between habitats and to minimize landscape fragmentation. Moreover, open landscape continuity may serve as an indicator for changes in the quality and value of the non-built landscape over time.

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These features should be qualified by planning and design solutions with open space networks. For site planning and design, open space networks are particularly important, as they constitute a major part of the diversity that is required to make places satisfactory settings for human life.

Urban open spaces are key ingredients in ecologically sensitive regions for sustainability. If the aim is to sustain the ecological diversity through forming networks, we need to assess and define the different types of open spaces and their contribution in the overall system.

Urban Landscapes: Environmental Networks and Quality of Life

The ecological design and planning of these networks, which include patches or corridors, should be integrated into the ecological network of urban matrix. By naming their contributions will promote the awareness of their benefits. As natural areas in urban environments become more fragmented and threatened, using approaches like the ecological framework in landscape planning, design and management might begin to reverse the trend. It is not too late in many cases to begin the healing process and allow nature to begin to play a more important role in the health of cities through ecologically functioning urban open spaces.

By collecting similar results from different open spaces in and around the urban center, researchers would propose a network system that best links the selected open spaces. Subscribe Today. Science Alert. All Rights Reserved. Research Article. Urban Sustainability and Open Space Networks. Aydin Ozdemir. Similar Articles in this Journal. Search in Google Scholar. Report Citation. How to cite this article: Aydin Ozdemir , Journal of Applied Sciences, 7: DOI: Each landscape element is assessed for its present status and potential for providing links according to four criteria listed.

Open space elements in Golbasi region a transportation corridor b lake side c electric wire connections as paths d greenbelt e urban farmland and f populated areas as patches and nodes.

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