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In his book he wrote about what he believes to be the approaching directed-energy DE weapon revolution. He explained that these weapons would use light-wave energy, the same spectrum of energy found in microwaves and remote controls, and would replace the conventional weaponry of today.

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Beason believed the introduction of these weapons might be more profound than the atomic bomb. He analyzed their implications and how they would impact the wars of the future. Following his reading of a prepared statement, Mr. Visit msnbc. A fire that broke out Wednesday evening on a U. Navy nuclear-powered submarine docked at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Maine injured at least seven people but there were no deaths, a Navy spokesman said on Thursday. Damage from the fire, which began shortly before 6 p. The submarine was undergoing maintenance. There were no weapons on board in the torpedo room, he said.

The cause of the fire has not yet been identified, Breckenridge said. A full investigation is taking place. The fire spread to spaces within the submarine that were difficult to reach, Breckenridge said, making it challenging for firefighters to battle the blaze. It took hours for the blaze to be extinguished. The injured personnel included three Portsmouth Naval Shipyard firefighters, two crew members and two civilian firefighters providing support. They were either treated on scene or taken to a local medical facility.

All have been released. The submarine, whose home port is Groton, Conn. Space Acquisitions March 21, Navy June Returning to the Atlantic in , the battleship entered Norfolk Navy Yard the following year for a major modernization. This saw the replacement of the ship's cage masts with tripod masts, installation of new oil-fired Bureau Express boilers, additions to the anti-aircraft armament, and placing of new fire control equipment.

Completed in November , Texas was named flagship of the U. Fleet and commenced operations along the East Coast. Following an overhaul at New York in , Texas spent the next seven years moving through routine deployments in the Atlantic and Pacific. Made flagship of the Training Detachment in , it held this role for a year until becoming flagship of the Atlantic Squadron.

During this period, much Texas ' operations centered on training activities including serving as a platform for midshipmen cruises for the U. Naval Academy. With the beginning of World War II in Europe, Texas received an assignment to the Neutrality Patrol to aid in safeguarding the western sea lanes from German submarines.

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It then began escorting convoys of Lend-Lease material to the Allied nations. Made flagship of Admiral Ernest J. While there, its secondary armament was reduced while additional anti-aircraft guns were installed. Returning to active duty, the battleship resumed convoy escort duty until the fall of It remained in action until November 11 and then returned to the United States.

Sailing on June 3, the battleship pummeled targets around Omaha Beach and Pointe du Hoc three days later. The battleship remained off the Norman coast until June 18 with its only departure a short run to Plymouth to rearm. Following repairs, at Plymouth the battleship began training for the invasion of southern France. Providing fire support for the Operation Dragoon landings, the battleship struck targets until Allied troops advanced beyond range of its guns.

Arriving in mid-September, the battleship entered the yard for a brief overhaul. Attacking Okinawa on March 26, the battleship pounded targets for six days before the landings on April 1. Returning to Okinawa, it remained there into September before embarking American troops for home as part of Operation Magic Carpet. Taken to Baltimore, the battleship entered reserve status on June 18, Made flagship of the Texas Navy, the battleship remains open as a museum ship.

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Texas was formally decommissioned on April 21, Share Flipboard Email. The cost increase was first reported by Bloomberg last week. While the Navy has the authority to adjust certain costs if "required to complete post-delivery test and trials," the service must inform lawmakers when a spending cap breach occurs and outline how it will shift funds to cover the difference. Photos: US aircraft carriers.

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When the Roosevelt leaves the Gulf sometime in October, the U. Navy will be without a carrier in the important region for two months. Hide Caption. Click through the gallery to see other US aircraft carriers. This is a major milestone that brings the country's newest aircraft carrier another step closer to delivery and commissioning later this year. Navy base in Yokosuka, a suburb of Tokyo, Japan, on October 1, The Reagan is the fifth U. Stennis as the ship steams in the Pacific Ocean on February 3, A photo illustration of the U.

Navy's Gerald R. Kennedy CVN The newest Kennedy will be the second carrier of that name.


The first John F. Kennedy CVA was the last conventionally powered carrier. It was decommissioned in The ship is conducting operations in the Persian Gulf, where Iran claims to have taken footage of the carrier using a drone. Click through the gallery for more images of U. Navy aircraft carriers.

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Aviation Structural Mechanic Airman V. Truman in December When completed, the Reagan will head to forward deployment in Japan, where the Washington had been. The Washington will head to Newport News, Virginia, for an overhaul. The Vinson has just recently returned from a month deployment. The Reagan is preparing for a move to Japan later this year and the Stennis was making a port call after steaming from its homeport of Bremerton, Washington.


The Nimitz-class carrier's departure was delayed for two days after marine growth clogged sea water intakes.