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Slowly and peacefully, Craig opened his eyes. His fingers stopped twitching. He told me he had linked with a man in spirit. Then he gave me some unexpected messages. I knew that this would probably be my father if it were anybody at all. He certainly fit the description, even the plaid flannel shirt was about all my father would ever wear.

But this was pretty vague information so far. I just listened without saying anything. This is a message my father sends me every time a psychic medium gives me a reading, beginning with my first reading by Vicki. I keep telling my father that I forgive him for the alcoholism, but this is either an issue my father continues to struggle with or a signal for me to identify him as the spirit coming through. That was correct. I was now really impressed that this newcomer to mediumship was so accurate on his first attempt. Craig opened his eyes again. He tells me he is down low to your side to represent how he looked up to you while he was here.

He says the two of you changed roles sometimes. Does that make sense? It did make sense.

We Are All Spiritual Mediums!!!

My father suffered with severe depressions that led him to self-medicate with alcohol. Sometimes I had to be the adult even though I was a teenager because my father had reduced himself to a vulnerable child drowning in a sea of despair and confusion. I would hold him for what seemed like hours while he sobbed, me balling along with him. He was lost. I was bewildered. I held an arm around Dad as he dialed one alcohol rehabilitation hospital after another, begging them to admit him one more time. When someone finally offered to admit him, we both sighed in exhaustion and relief, then rushed him to the hospital to detoxify.

My father eventually did stop drinking for twelve years before he died at the age of sixty-three.

I was proud of him for that accomplishment. So it was difficult for me to understand why he tortured himself endlessly in the spirit world with memories of his drinking years.

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But, needless to say, I knew what Craig was talking about. I told Craig that the messages he gave made a lot of sense. I explained that my father had often come through to other psychic mediums with that same message, and that I wished he could get over his guilt and move on. I said that my entire family had forgiven my father a long time ago, and it was sad and unfortunate that he keep torturing himself.

Craig said he would give my father that message. He quickly went back into trance. After one more eye-fluttering finger-twitching moment of silence, Craig came back to consciousness. He had a gentle smile on his lips. He was so calm and peaceful, I felt relaxed just being near him. Then two angels came down and took your father by each arm. They lifted him up so he was above you, not below. It was a beautiful vision. I believe your father heard your forgiveness this time.

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I think it helped him. I could tell that Craig was moved by what just happened. Whatever he witnessed must have been spectacular because his entire being was glowing. It was now my turn to give mediumship a go. I closed my eyes and attempted to clear my thoughts. I could hear everyone around me giving messages to their workshop partners.

What to Expect When Seeing a Medium or Psychic

I felt like a log on a stage. My mind was blank as Craig waited patiently for a message from beyond. I wondered how long I should sit there teasing him with anticipation. I felt bad for Craig that he got me as a partner. All I could think about was how well he did linking with my father. I thanked my father for coming through so clearly.

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I contemplated the effect this night might have on Craig, knowing that he would likely become a powerful psychic medium one day. Have you ever tried mediumship before? I think he was pretty excited about his performance, too. He told me that this was his first time, although he had been learning about mediumship for over a year.

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I guess he just never tried it before. For the next ten minutes I interviewed Craig like a reporter. I told him how I had been studying psychic mediums for a couple years and that his performance was quite impressive. Then I encouraged him to continue improving his gift with practice. She told Melissa that she had a sixth sense for predicting bad omens in her life. She had an inner knowing premonition that she was going to get into a car accident and, a short time later, it happened. She had an inner knowing that a certain man was going to attack her and it happened.

Later, she had the same feeling about another man and he, too, attacked her. Finally, she had an inner knowing that her stepmother was dying and that turned out to come true as well.

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Now she wanted to learn to trust her gift and discover how to use it for more positive things, not just the bad stuff. Melissa thought it might help if she thought of my father, knowing he was a strong communicator from the other side. She wondered if her partner would pick up on his energy as she thought about him. Without telling her partner who she was thinking about, it worked! This was at the same time that Craig was linking with my father, too.

In various ancient cultures, shamans were considered a link to the spirit world. Haitian Voodoo, Puerto Rican Brujeria, and Wiccan traditions all focus heavily on communing with spirits. While the language is different, communicating with spirits on the so-called other side is also an accepted practice in Christianity. Media-savvy mediums are nothing new, either. Sometimes duped-feeling clients call foul: in May , a psychic named Priscilla Kelly Delmaro, 26, was charged with grand larceny after Niall Rice, a year-old British consultant, accused her of taking thousands of his dollars.

Delmaro was charged and spent eight months in jail. A reading can be harmless fun, like reading horoscopes, but the incursion of psychics into health care might raise eyebrows. William advocates drinking a strict regimen of 16 ounces of celery juice every morning on an empty stomach.

Brown, the mediums do not know who they are speaking with. The internet, with its troves of personal data, can be a boon to people claiming they are psychics — or a trap. A New York Times Magazine story published last month followed a sting operation in which a group created fake Facebook profiles and then attended an event with Thomas John, where he quoted details from the made-up lives they had created. At the end of February, John Oliver ran a scathing segment on psychics, which focused on mediums, many of whom were caught making predictions that were wrong.

In the segment, Mr. Oliver explained the two ways mediums defraud people into believing they communicate with lost loved ones: cold reading and hot reading. Cold reading is a technique in which mediums ask a serious of general questions and then rely on verbal and physical cues to glean increasingly personal information from an individual. Hot reading involves researching the people who are going to be in the room beforehand and using details from their online lives to fabricate readings. And why are we here?